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How To SEO Optimize Images In Your Blogger Blog

Google image search is used most of the people to find quality images.  We will use pictures on our every blog post. So why we miss it. In this post we will learn about how tooptimize images in blogger for seo. Without doing it you will not get any benefit from your uses images.
Generally, most of blogger don't make it seo friendly  before publishing a article. They just use images on their post to give a professional look. But if you're serious about blogging and want to get traffic you should need to apply this SEO tricks.
So here I'm going to share with you how to do it!! 
There are two changes need to make picture seo friendly. 
  1. Title Text
  2.  ALT Text 
1. Tittle Text 
When you have uploaded an image on your blog post, then you should need to some of the changes. Click on image>properties. After clicking "image properties" option, you can see a blank box. Now filled "title  Text" box with your blog's post title. For better understanding see the screen shot. 
Image optimized in blogger
2. ALT Text 
This is an important factor of Image optimization process. Search engines crawlers do not have any eye as like human. They can not able to find out an image by seeing this. Crawlers just index "ALT" tag to understanding what about this photo. 
So you need to carefully filled the "ALT" tag box. Enter a short keyword, which is defined better only this picture. For example here I will use an image about "Facebook ID card". Try to add a short smart keyword on this required fields. 
Check this below image, you may get an idea about it. 
alt tag

That was a very important part of On Page SEO. So always make sure that, you have to SEO Optimized images
in your blogger blog before publish a new post.
How To SEO Optimize Images In Your Blogger Blog How To SEO Optimize Images In Your Blogger Blog Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 4:21 PM Rating: 5

How To Check Your Blog Are Mobile-Friendly Or Not?

Currently the maximum number of user search their result in search engines by mobile. If you've developed a blog or website. If yes! You must make sure that, your blog or website are mobile-friendly. 
Recently Google penguin was published in 21 April 2015. After new publish Google give priority those blogs or website which is mobile friendly. If your blog are not suitable for mobile device, then you will be lost your search ranking. Don't worry there is a chance to solve it. So firstly you need to check your blog or website is mobile friendly or not. Check these below procedure 
  • Click on this link Mobile friendly test.
  • After that, put your blog or website URL and click analyze button. 
  • After clicking they give you a message like "awesome! This page is mobile-friendly"
    Mobile-Friendly test
If unfortunately your blog aren't qualify in this test, then your blog traffics may be decrease in mobile traffic from Google search. 
Don't worry choose a template or theme which is responsive design. When your blog become mobile friendly, then Google crawl automatically re process and will index your blog. You can also notice Google by using fetch as Google Submit to index. Then your blog website can be treated as mobile-friendly in ranking !! 

Final Word  
This is a post about to checking your blog are mobile friendly or not. I know this is a simple post, but important for you. If you've any question, please share with me through comment.
How To Check Your Blog Are Mobile-Friendly Or Not? How To Check Your Blog Are Mobile-Friendly Or Not? Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 4:18 PM Rating: 5

How To Properly Add Blogger Sitemap In Bing Webmaster Tool?

Some of my reader requested to me that share a post about how to submit sitemap in Bing. If you're an active reader of Techshoutme, then you might have known that couple of days back I've been shared a complete guide about Google webmaster tools. There is no significance differences between Google or Bing. The adding sitemap process are almost same.
add blogger sitemap in bing
However, don't worry I will be going to share it in this post.  Bing is the 2nd popular search engine run by the Microsoft corporation. Some of blogger's and webmaster avoid others search engines (Bing, Yahoo) they just busy with Google. Undoubtedly Google is the world's no-1 search engines. But If you want to get more organic search traffics, then you must need to giving priority all the search engines. 

Adding Blogger Sitemap To Bing Webmaster Tools 

 It is so easy to doing this, just follow the below guides 
  • Firstly you need a Microsoft account (Hotmail). If you do not have any Hotmail account. Click on this link and create an account with putting required information. 
  • After that, click on and go to Bing webmaster tool. Log in with your account. 
  • Now click on add a site button. Now put your blog URL. 
  • Copy the below code and paste it on  add a sitemap box. 
  • Change techshoutme.com with your domain ! 
  • Finally click on add button.
    add a site
  • Your work are not finis yet, now you need to verify your site. After click the add button, you will get a meta tag. Copy this code.
    meta tag
  • Go to blogger.com and log in to your account. 
  • Template > edit HTML 
  • Paste the meta tag on below <head> tag.
  • Save template. And go to bing webmaster then click on verify button. 
  • You're successfully done !!! 
Final Word 
I'm tried my best to give this tutorial how to add blogger sitemap in bing webmaster tools. Hopefully everyone done it properly. If you've any question about this above post, please share with us. Happy blogging !!
How To Properly Add Blogger Sitemap In Bing Webmaster Tool? How To Properly Add Blogger Sitemap In Bing Webmaster Tool? Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 4:15 PM Rating: 5

Use Your Blogger Blog URL To Comment As OpenID

Generally Blogger uses open ID for community purposes. Do not clear? Let me explain. If you're an admin of a blog then, you can comment in other blog by using open ID. Hopefully you may understand !
However, all you must know that backlinks play an important role to rank a blog. So you may trying your best to generate backlinks. There are so many cool ways to getting backlinks. I think you may try it. You will be glad to know that, my today's post also a trick about getting backlinks using openID in blog commenting. Lo let's begin this tutorial:

Benefit to using openID

Before I go ahead, I would like to share with you how benefit you will be get using openID on blog commenting. Well openID is an open standard  protocol run by the open ID foundation that allows their users to build community with others.
You can easily generate backlinks by commenting on other blogs by using it. It also helps you to get relevant fresh back link. Hopefully you may be understood the importance of using it. Now go to the next steps.
Blog URL To Comment As OpenID

Using Blogger Blog URL to Comment as OpenID

There are some code need to add in your blogger blog template. Just follow the below easy steps :
  • Log in to your blogger account 
  • After that, go to template >>> Edit HTML 
  • Now take a backup your present template 
  • Then, find this below code 
  • Now copy the below code and paste it on the below of <head> tag
 <link href='http://draft.blogger.com/openid-server.g' rel='openid.server'/>
<link href='http://www.techshoutme.com' rel='openid.delegate'/>
  • Now change www.techshoutme.com with your own domain. 
  • Save template. You're successfully done !! Now you can start commenting as openID 

Commenting as openID URL 

  • Find out  a blog list which blogs allows commenting as open ID
  • Now scroll down and select open ID from the comment option. 
  • Now put your blog URL and click continue button. Now write your comment. 
  • When you click on publish button then, blogger will ask you for your permission. 
  • Click on the Yes, always button. Now this dialog box did not open the next time. 
    yes always
  • So your comment has been published and you will get a backlinks from this blog.
Final Word 
I've tried my best to share use blogger blog URL to comment as open ID. So hopefully you may enjoying this above tutorials. So if this post help you, then share your social media. 
Use Your Blogger Blog URL To Comment As OpenID Use Your Blogger Blog URL To Comment As OpenID Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 10:01 AM Rating: 5

Easily Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From Facebook Free

Having a high quality backlinks (pr9) from Facebook is a blue signal of your blog SEO.  All you have to know that, Facebook is a no- 1 social media. We all are using it for personal communication as well as professional purposes. However, Facebook's Alexa rank is 2 that means this is a world no-1 popular website. So getting back links from Facebook is most important for every blog or website. Here this post I will go to share with you an important trick, that will be help you to 
your blog better Google ranking

Getting DoFollow Backlinks From Facebook

Before starting this process, you must need to have a fan page. If you do not have any fan page then create a fan page with your blog or website name and details. After that, follow the below steps :-
  1. Log in to Facebook account 
  2. Now click on this link static HTML. After click on this link, you can see a page about static HTML : iframe tabs. 
  3. Click on the Add static HTML to a page
    add static HTML to a page
  4. After clicking you can see another page. Now if you have more fan page, then select one of them and click add page Tab button
    add page tab
  5. Now you will redirect your fan page and a Tab will open (Welcome). Click on edit Tab. Remove the exiting index.HTML file, and add a new file. Like as 
 <a title="check out" href="https://techshoutme.com" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Techshoutme</a> 

  6. Now change techshoutme.com with your domain.
  7. Now you're completely done !! you can see preview.    
see preview
Final World 
I have tried my best to share this post clearly. Hopefully you can done it properly and easily get a DoFollow backlink from Facebook. This is a simple tips but very important. 
Easily Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From Facebook Free Easily Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From Facebook Free Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 9:57 AM Rating: 5

5 Effective Ways to Reduce Blogger Blog Loading Time

You may have heard that about Google started ranking blogs based on loading speed. If your blogs are take lot of time to loading, then your site must be suffer in the long run. Because of both search engine and readers do not like to visit those websites, which is take more time to load. As a result your blogs bounce rate will increase, and your site lost ranking from search engines. A super fast website are likely to among the visitor and search engines. So that, is carrying need to reduce your blog load time. It will help your reader an amazing user experience. Not only that, it will also help to decrease in bounce rate of your blogs.
Reduce Blog Loading Time
Today I'm going to share 5 tips that will must helps you to reduce the loading time of your blogger blog. So let's begin starting to reading this post.

7 Important tips for Reducing Loading time of your blogger Blog

1. Avoid Using Lots of blogger Widgets  
Blogger has more than 900+ default widgets that helps your blog look more professional and flexibility. But If you use more and more widgets then they give you negative results. Though there are so many widgets are available, every widgets did not effective for your blog. Choose 3 or 4 widgets that is enough for your blog. 
    Some people using lots of gadget on their blog which is unnecessary.

    2. Optimize Images  
    There is no doubt that, using images helps you to make your blog post more attractive and interesting. Bust using lot of images also the main culprit to increase in loading time. Try to use 2 or 3 images on your blogs post, and make sure that the image size must be under 40 KB.
    You can easily re size your images by using photo editing software. Always choose PNG file before uploading for the web.

    3. Select A Best Blogger Template 
    A template is the major fact of loading time. If you're using a theme which has included so much JAVA script and CSS code then it will increase in loading time of your blog. Choose a simple template for your blog. If you're using a free theme then, it may has included unnecessary code. Don't worry there are some well coding themes in internet but difficult to find them. You can easily download and use on your blog for free.  Just you need to choose the best theme. If you can't find any theme, then you can use blogger default template. Default theme are super fast and also seo friendly.

    4. Keep 5 Post In Home Page 
    The maximum visitor come in to your blogs home page. So it is most important to reduces loading time of your home page than others. However, the smart ways to put 5 or highest 7 post in your blogs home page. And use read more function that will help your home page loading faster.
    You can easily change the post limit
    • Go to the blogger dashboard>> setting >> post and comment >> after that, choose 5-7 post on the main page.
      post and comment
    5. Avoid To Many Advertisement
    Never display to many add on your blog. Some of bloggers uses lot of advertisement on their blog they thought that,  to many add mean lot of money. But they are wrong if you will get lots of traffics on your blog then one advertise company are enough for you.
    There are some advertise company which add are full of unnecessary HTML code. Which can effect your blog loading time by a great margin. My recommended is use Google adsense this is the best ever PPC company all over the world. Try to put 3 ad sport in your blog.

    Final Word
    I have tried to share 5 ways to optimize your blog that will help you make your blog loading faster. Hopefully you like this post. And if you have any way that will help you to reduce load time of your website, then never forget to share with us through comment. Happy Blogging !!
    5 Effective Ways to Reduce Blogger Blog Loading Time 5 Effective Ways to Reduce Blogger Blog Loading Time Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 9:55 AM Rating: 5

    Guide to Adding Google Analytics In Blogger Blog

    Do you want to know how many visitors will come in to your blog and how many times they expend?. If your answer is yes ! Then you need to add Google analytic in your blogger blog
    This tool help you to know your traffic statistics. As well as you can able to know what is the sources, country they came from, bounce rate of your blog etc. There are lot of tools in internet, which offers to know statistics. From various of tools Google Anylytics tools are father of all. It is the best ever and most popular tools.
    add Google Analytics In Blogger
    There are lot of benefit you will be get by using GA tools. For tracking your traffics behavior, you carrying need to add GA in your blogger blog. So today I will be share a complete guide to adding it on your blogger blog. So let's start! 

    Creating Google Analytics Account   

    For adding GA tracking code in your blog, firstly you need to create an account. Follow the below steps :-
    1. Go to the Google Analytics official website.  
    2. Now sign in with your blogger or Gmail account. 
    3. After that, click on access Google analytics button in the right top corner.
    4. Click on sign up button. 
      sign up
    5. Once you click on signup button, you will get a box now fill the box with your name, website URL etc. Check below image 
      fill the box
    6. After complete fill all information, then click on Get tracking ID. 
    7. Now click on I accept on  the pop up page. 
    8. After that finally you will get your tracking ID like UA-63065063. And you'll get alsotracking code, which is need to add in your template.  Go to the next steps. 
      tracking ID

    Adding Google Analytics (tracking ID + Code) to Blogger.

    Now you will need to add tracking ID in your blogger settings option. And the tracking code into your blogger template. So follow the below procedure:- 
    1. Log in to your blogger account. 
    2. Go to blogger dashboard-> setting -> other
    3. And fill the analytics web property ID box with your Tracking ID. Check below image.
    4. Now Click save settings button. 
    5. Then go to template -> Edit HTML.  
    6. Now search this code  </body>. If you will not get press Ctrl F and search. 
    7. Now paste your tracking code just above </body> tag. Click on save template. 
    8. You're successfully done!!!! 
    Final Word  
    Hopefully you love this above guide and successfully add Google Analytics in your blogger blog. So follow the above steps carefully and add GA in your blog. 
    Some post for you that you may like 
    Guide to Adding Google Analytics In Blogger Blog Guide to Adding Google Analytics In Blogger Blog Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 9:50 AM Rating: 5

    How to Use Directory Submission for SEO?

    Do you know directory submission is one of the best practice of SEO?. You may have known that, SEO basically divided in two parts.
    1. On page seo 
    2. Off page seo 
    Today my post is for of page seo. Simply off page seo means advertisement of your blog. You will able to doing that with applying some ways. They are.
    1. Social bookmarking
    2. Blog commenting
    3. Social media marketing 
    4. Directory submission etc
    The main purposes of doing it for creating high quality backlinks for your blog. If you create quality backlinks that will surely help you to improve your blog ranking as well as increase blog traffics too. If you are a daily reader of this blog, then you might have noticed that I have shared lot of resources link for increase your blogs backlinks. If you want to check them, then >> click here and get these resources.
    However today I'm going to share with you a complete tutorial that will be help you how to use directory websites and how you will get backlinks from them. So let's start:
    directory submission seo

    Using Directory Submission for SEO. 

    • Before starting to doing that, you should find out some quality directory website which has good PR. You can check this sites list : Free directory submission sites list
    • For example here I will use a site JAYDE which has 5 Google PR. 
    • Click on >> JAYEDE
    • Now click on submit your site link from the top of the right corner.
      submit your site directory for seo
    • After that, a pop up page will be open select submit using our form.
      submit your site with their form
    • Now a form will be open. Fill the form with your website / blogs actual information. Choose the best category Which is similar to your blog and suitable for your website. After successfully complete this form, then click on add my site button.
      add your site for seo
    • Cheers you're done!! 
    • Wait for few days, it may take some days to show your blog on their homepage. 
    • When your site link add on their website, then you will get a high quality backlinks. 
    So the above post was that, how to use directory submission perfectly for Search engine optimization (SEO). Hopefully you liked the above tutorials. So always try to submit your site on high pr directory sites list that will differently help you to optimized your blog.
    How to Use Directory Submission for SEO? How to Use Directory Submission for SEO? Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 9:47 AM Rating: 5

    How to Write SEO Optimized Articles In Blogspot

    One of the best ever and long lasting way to keep getting traffics that is always tried to publish SEO optimized articles on your blog. Here you can learn how you can write perfect article that rank better in Google.  
    Search Engine Optimization has lot of change and significance in blogging world. We have started  blogging with so many hopes and dreams.
    But very few people are success in blogging. Currently blogging going to become harder. The only ones who are successful at blogging, who are good at SEO and apply it on their blog. However, If you're a blogger, you know that the success of a blog depend on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because of, it helps a blog to gain traffic from search engines. 
    Article is the one of most important elements of a blog. Search engines as well as reader comes to your blog to read article. For example if your blog like a shop then article as like product of your shop. Without good product any shop can not run properly. Without having good post any blog can not run properly. Hopefully everyone have to clear the importance of Article of a blog. 
    SEO Optimized Articles

    Here I'm going to share with you some of the tips for writing SEO Optimized Articles which will help your blog to get better ranking as well as better visibility in various of search results. 
    1. Use an Eye Catchy Title 
    Firstly, the most important thing to write an eye catchy title that grabs attention of audience of your blog. An eye catchy title play an important role to gain lot of search traffics from search engines. It also helps to increase CTR (click through rate) and gain traffic from search results of search engines. 
    For example: suppose you  did a Google search about "make money online" now Google shows the below results. Like 
    1. How to make money online
    2. Top 5 way to Make Money Online 
     From 2 results, which results you want to click? I think you may click on No 2 results. Am I right? this is called eye catchy title. Hopefully you may clear about eye catchy title. 

    Another important thing to better SEO friendly your title must be under 65 to 70 characters.  
    • Put keyword on Post Title

      Put keyword on Post Title

      An eye catchy title is not enough to better optimization. You must need to put your targeted keyword on post title. Use the best keyword which has high search volume but low competition. Use the keyword research tools to find the best keyword.  
    2. Content Must be Unique and Rich   
     Currently most of search engines especially Google follow the best user satisfaction policy. For this purpose Google like to filter out all duplicate content that are exactly on the other sites. 
    Simply unique Articles means free from copy paste in the other sites. Or rich content means informative and user friendly content. Which is fulfilled your user demand. 
    Copy paste content is also known as plagiarism. 
    If you serious and want to make money from your blog. You must need to write unique and rich content. Because of, it is impossible to gain traffics from search engine with copy paste content. 
    Search engines never showing copy paste content on their search results. 

    Another important thing to Write a SEO friendly Articles. Your content length must be above 300 word. For better result try to write above 500 word. 

    3. Put keyword on Post Body 
    We already know that we need to put keyword in post title. You also need to put keyword on post body. Put your keyword on first 100 words and also the end of post. You must need to alert about keyword density. Google bot like to put keyword at first and last in your post body. Use 2%- 2.5% keyword in your article body. 
    Some of blogger or webmaster put so many keyword in their post, which is unnecessary. 

    4. Use Related Image  
    An  image is best from 300 word. If you write a great article without image, your reader must leave your page. Because of, an image helps a content to get better responses from reader. 
    An image is not helpful for your visitor, it also helps to get better SEO score of your content. 
    After uploading an image on your blogs post, you must need to Optimized this image. Read this post: How to seo optimize images on blogger 

    5. Using tag  

     Using tag

    In blogspot you may noticed that, here are including some of tag like header tag, sub- heading, mirror heading etc. 
    Heading tag on post body helps search engines to recognized  what about your post. 
    Using heading tag also helps to you content more natural. Start from Heading, sub heading etc. 
    Also, use bold, italic etc  tag in your keyword. It helps to better priority your keyword both your reader and search engine. 

    6. SEO friendly Post URL  

    SEO friendly Post URL

    Having a SEO friendly post URL makes the post more relevant and also helps to search engines crawl for quickly index. 
    Choose URL short. Short URL are better than Long URL. 
    Here I will give an example this example helps to you choose a SEO friendly URL 
    SEO friendly URL =http://mikanomix.blogspot.com.eg/2016/01/best-40-free-social-bookmarking-sites.html
    SEO unfriendly URL =  http://mikanomix.blogspot.com.eg/p=45345 
    So always try to follow these above steps. Hopefully these tips help  you to write SEO Optimized Articles
    How to Write SEO Optimized Articles In Blogspot How to Write SEO Optimized Articles In Blogspot Reviewed by Caroline Bardahan on 9:43 AM Rating: 5

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