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5 Ultimate Facebook Tips That You Should Know

5 Ultimate Facebook Tips That You Should Know

Hello friends. Today I will try to discuss some tips of Facebook. But these tips is not Facebook traditional. So I thinks it may be unknown to you. But you should know. 
We use Facebook regularly. From the start of status updates, check friends profiles, upload photos & videos we spent in a particular part of the day in the world of Facebook. Moreover, chats, grouping, events all things are packed every moment. 
5 Ultimate Facebook Tips
Even, after of our knowledge about Facebook. So this is actually hard to tell anythings about it. But in today's post, I have tired to discuss some  tips which is essential for Facebook depended individuals. 
In this era of social networks, we are interested in show that  impossible things. So let's get started learn some unknown Facebook tips. 

5 Ultimate Facebook Tips 

I think these 5 tips that will help you to build a new Facebook experience. 

1. Write Status Of Various Front  
From now on you'll be able to give a little different and cool status, which my not be to someone else. But how? In fact we are always written status with default front in Facebook. But now you can able to write status which various of front. 
  • Click and go this link.  
  • Copy your status (which you want to change front) and paste this website. 
  • Now choose a front whatever you want. After change front, copy this status and paste your Facebook wall. Simple !!   
    Write Status Of Various Front
2. Stop Facebook Tracking 
Do you know? Facebook follow your online activity. The daily what site things you visit everything knows Facebook. Then they show add according to your browser cookies. We use facebook free but they earn a million dollars per day by these adds. To avoid this discomfort you can track add. But how?
  • Install this add -ons in Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Install this add-on in Google chrome.  

    3.  To Chat with People You want
    When you open the option  to chat on Facebook, then everyone will know that you are active. Many people started to knock. Now you can chat with a certain person. It gives you a hassle free. Follow the below way
    • Click on chat option. And select advanced setting, then select the people you want to chat with. Simple 
      chat option      

    advanced chat setting
    • Now click save button. 

      4. Take Daily Facebook Summary 
      Are you a Facebook addicted? Then you can take daily Facebook summary in your mail.However, it's a good thing to stay connected at all times. 
      • Click on this link nutshell mail 
      • What are you want, select the required type of mail. This app will mail you a summary at the end of the day.
        nutshell mail

      5. Find Out Unknown Message 
      You may noticed that, there is a (other) menu in message option. Who is not your friend but mutual friend, when they send you message. Then other option store these messages. Moreover, many message comes here even with spam. 
      Find Out Unknown Message
      I have finished to  ultimate Facebook tips. I know from these 5 tips, someone may already know these tips. Hopefully these tips helps the new Facebook users. 
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