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How To Check Your Blog Are Mobile-Friendly Or Not?

Currently the maximum number of user search their result in search engines by mobile. If you've developed a blog or website. If yes! You must make sure that, your blog or website are mobile-friendly. 
Recently Google penguin was published in 21 April 2015. After new publish Google give priority those blogs or website which is mobile friendly. If your blog are not suitable for mobile device, then you will be lost your search ranking. Don't worry there is a chance to solve it. So firstly you need to check your blog or website is mobile friendly or not. Check these below procedure 
  • Click on this link Mobile friendly test.
  • After that, put your blog or website URL and click analyze button. 
  • After clicking they give you a message like "awesome! This page is mobile-friendly"
    Mobile-Friendly test
If unfortunately your blog aren't qualify in this test, then your blog traffics may be decrease in mobile traffic from Google search. 
Don't worry choose a template or theme which is responsive design. When your blog become mobile friendly, then Google crawl automatically re process and will index your blog. You can also notice Google by using fetch as Google Submit to index. Then your blog website can be treated as mobile-friendly in ranking !! 

Final Word  
This is a post about to checking your blog are mobile friendly or not. I know this is a simple post, but important for you. If you've any question, please share with me through comment.
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