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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently [With Pictures]

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently [With Pictures]

Did you bother to using Facebook? And want to delete your Facebook account?. If your answer is yes !! Then today I will be going to share with you a step by step guide that help you to delete Facebook account permanently. So let's begin this tutorial

It is a quite difficult task for me to share the importance of FB. Facebook is the no-1 social media over the world. We can explore our knowledge and able to communicate with others easily through it.

Though there is no doubt that, The necessity of FB is beggar description. But sometimes we need to leave it. There are several reasons for abandoned it depends on person to person.   
It may be happen for security concern, it harms your work, loss your time or even more.
how to delete facebook account permanently

However, in few days ago one of my friend sent me message and wanted to know that, it is possible to leave Facebook for ever. I replied him of course why not.
So I was thinking it is needed to share this guide with my reader. That's way I'm starting to write this post.

How to delete your Facebook account 

Before I go ahead. one thing I would like to share with you that is FB do not want to leave a user from them. That's why you do not get any direct link in homepage even the setting option. There are one option available which help you to deactivate your account for a while not permanently delete.
Before deleted you account, you can able to recover your important data like images, message, videos etc. Check below article
                                >>  Recover Facebook deleted data  
To delete your ID for ever follow the below steps:
  • Log in to your Facebook account with log in information [For last time ('_')]
  • Click on this secret link >> delete account<<
  • After clicked, a pop up page will be opened. NoW click on delete my account link
    delete my account
  • Once you have clicked, a page will open now re-enter your password & fill the security box finally hit the OK button.  
     Delete Facebook Account Permanently
  • After that, a page will open again click okay.    
    How to Delete Facebook Account quickly
  • Now you can not no longer active on FB. You would log out from Facebook. Check your mail box [Which email you uses on Facebook account]. After opened mail, you can see a mail came from FB with a link and you are requested to come back in your account within 14 days. If you're interested to come back on your ID, then you can able to get your account by clicking the given link. One thing you should keep your mind that you can able to get your account back within 14 days. So think as earlier as possible otherwise your account will be deleted permanently.  
    How to Delete Facebook Account
  •  If you're decided to abandon FB for ever, you would skip the above step. Don't need to check email.
  • If you want to continue your account, then click on the given link. You can still able to decided whether delete account or cancel deleting. Choose is yours !! 
    Delete Facebook Account

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