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How To Find Thousand Of CommentLuv Or KeywordLuv Blogs

There is no doubt that blog commenting is an awesome and great way to get quality backlinks instantly. Not only link building it also helps to promote a new blog and giving a thousand of visitor. Most of blogger specially newbie tired to find out Commentluv andkeywordLuv enable blogs to put their comment and get number of quality links for their blog. In my blog Techshoutme here I almost share lot of post about increase backlinksAnd also sharing lots of dofollow high PR blog commenting site list. I know these sites aren't enough for you. You may be searching Google to get blog for commenting. 
Today I will be going to share a great post and discuss with you an awesome tool that will may help you most. Now you will be able to find out a thousand of blogs easily and also getting lot of quality back link. Let's have look about this online tool and how is it work !! 

Finding Commentluv / KeywordLuv Blogs  

find commentluv keywordluv blog

Hopefully you may already know about commentluv or keywordluv blogs. If yes !! That is great. If no !! Well these blogs are supported their reader to put their comment with their blog link. As a result blog admin get lot of valuable comment and the reader also want to visit this blog for commenting. Check below screen shot. 
blog commenting

However, you may have understood what is it. There are two popular online tools to finding dofollow blog for commenting. They are 

  1. Drop My Link
  2. Put My Link 
Both these two tools are almost same. You can use anyone for finding blogs. So lets see how to use these tools. Here I will be discuss with you about Put My Link. Because of for using Drop My Link you need to create an account there. In Put My Link do not required any sign up procedure, So let's begin 
  • Go and click on Put My Link 
  • After clicking, you will see two boxes. First one is for keyword put here your targeted keyword. And the second one for find. In this find option select which types of blog you want to put your comment like keywordluv, dofollow comment blog, allowing HTML even you will be able to select.gov, .edu  domain. 
    put my link
  •   Now click on search button. After that, will open a Google search result page. Like this
    google search result
  • You may noticed that Enter YourName@YourKeyword in the given above image. That means that these blogs are keywordLuv blogs. And they supported to add your name+keyword in the comment option. 
  • Click on these blogs and start commenting. 
I tired to giving you how to find out commentluv enable blogs for getting backlinks. So try to always to be a good commentator. Blog commenting not only give you quality back links it's also build a strong relationship with others bloggers. 
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