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How to Hide Your Friend List from Others In Facebook

How to Hide Your Friend List from Others In Facebook

Do you want to hide your friend list from others peoples in your Facebook account? If yes, read below article. You will learn why and how you can do it. 
Facebook is a great and most popular social media all over the world. We can't imagine our life without it. There is no doubt that, fb is an essential media and there has lot of advantages to using it. But currently, you will need to ensure your privacy on Facebook. Because of now a day some unwanted things will happen in fb. So be always aware of using it. Fb always update their privacy to ensure their users protection. Now you can easily control almost everything in your profile. Fb allow their user to control of what he / she wants to share with public, friends, friends of friends even only me etc. You will able to hide a status from a person or public manually. Did you know that, you can hide your friend list from others? I think you will may know that. If do not know, then you will learn it from this post.

Hiding Friend List in Facebook 

If you do not want unknown people see your friend list, then you can easily hide it from them. It is very easy, just change your enhanced Facebook privacy settings and select your friend list visibility.
Hide friend list in Facebook
It is most important for every users. I have noticed that, if someone keeps his / her friend list public then many people see her/ his friend list and starting send friend request. If you're a female user, then it is most important for you. That will give you hassle free Facebook experience. So let's begin
  • Go to Facebook and log in to your account. 
  • Go on your profile page 
  • Now click on friends > manage>> Edit Privacy 
    friend manage facebook
  • After clicking on the Edit Privacy option, then a pop up window will be open. Now select who can see your friend list and who can't. In my case, I usually keep it visible to only me. And I suggest you that, you also keep it personal that will help your friend for unwanted friend request. 
Check the below screen shot for better understanding 
Hide Your Friend List from Others In Facebook

You can also select your following and followers as well. However, keep your friend list whatever you want choice is yours. But my suggestion keep it hidden from others to ensure better privacy of yours friends. 
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