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How to Recover Facebook Deleted Messages, Photos or Videos?

In couple of days back I was get a massage in Facebook from my friend. And he wanted to know that, is there any option to recover deleted Facebook messages. After that, I started to know how to do it then I search on Google and read some great article. Later I was learned it completely and used it to know whether its work or not. Then I told him that, of course its possible you can do it. After that, he will able to get his deleted message according to my guide.
how to recover deleted facebook messages
However, If you're one of them and want to know how to recover Facebook deleted messagesphotos even videos, today's article are one and only for you. In this article, I'm go to show you how you can do it. So Let's begin this trick. 

Recovering deleted Facebook messages, photos, videos etc 

Before I go ahead, one thing you need to know that you will able to get only 60% of data which you would delete.
You may wondering why? Because, there is no option to recover all the deleted data.
So I suggest you that, think tons of time before deleted any kind of data. Because, it may be needed in the future. 

However, follow the below steps to get your data.
  1. At first, log in to your Facebook account and click on setting option >> general   
  2. After that you will get the all general information of your account. Now click on download a copy link.    
    download a copy
  3. Once you've clicked, you will be redirect download your information page. Now click onstart my archive link. 
    recover deleted Facebook messages data
  4. For security concern you need to re-type your pass word. So enter your Password again and hit the submit button.  
    recover deleted Facebook messages
  5. After that, you will be sent a message from Facebook with a Download link. Check your mail (Which mail you used for created Facebook account) and wait for a while. 
  6. Now click on Download archive link from your mail. And download your information.  
    recover deleted Facebook messages photos
  7. Note : When you download this file you need to unzip it with Win RAR software. Because this file was zip file. 
Friends, It is quite difficult task for me to share the necessary of Facebook, because it is the part of our life. So hopefully you liked the above post and able to learn how to recover Facebook deleted messages, photos or videos. I also suggest you that, think thousand times before deleted anything on Facebook.
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