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How To Send File on Facebook [Easy Way]

How To Send File on Facebook [Easy Way]

Hello friends.
Currently Facebook has made our life much easier. We can not imagine our life withoutFacebook. Once Facebook is used, only private purposes. But nowadays Facebook have been used in various purposes like professional, business, marketing etc. 
I do not want to say anything about Facebook. Because is impossible to get anyone, who does not know about Facebook. 
Anyway, today I will share with you a very simple and easy Facebook tips (How To Send File on Facebook).
I know it's might everyone knows. But most of do not know. Actually I do not know. Few days ago in order to send a pdf file to a friend, I've learned about this. 
So I thought, have been sharing with you. Let's see

facebook tips,  Send File on Facebook

There are many ways to send file on Facebook. In this post I will share with you how to send files through massage. In many ways, this is the easiest way for me. I think you will like this way to. 

How to Send File Via Message on Facebook

  • Open the chat box, from whom would like to send file.
  •  Then see the chat box on the right, you will see there are a setting buttons. 
  • Click on this setting button, and also click add files option [see screen shot]
     Send File on Facebook, Send File Via Message on Facebook
  • Now select file from your computer which you want to share. Wait few minute to complete the sending process. 
  • You're successfully send a file on Facebook. You can able to send any types of file like doc, pdf, png etc which you want. 
Friends, I know it is a simple tips but helpful tips. If you get something helpful, so don't forget to share on your social media. 
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