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How to Use Efficiently Social Bookmarking for SEO?

How to Use Efficiently Social Bookmarking for SEO?

In this blog, I have already shared lots of resource that may helped you to promote your website or blog. However, You might have heard that social bookmarking are best tools for SEO. But you did not know how to use them and how its work in search engines optimization?. Well if you're one of them and want to know how to do it, then this post are one and only for you. Here I will start to giving you a complete tutorial that will be differently help you. So let's start.

What are the social bookmarking and why these sites are use people (Without bloggers or webmaster). 
Before I go ahead, I would like to give a short description about it. Well social bookmarking is a type of site that help us to bookmark our favorite blog or webpage to read them later whenever we want.
People often use them to put their information and read them later. When we get something interesting and informative from any webpage, then we bookmarked it in our web browsers so that we can read it later. But sometimes we will lost our information due to damaged our browsers. So we also start to finding the information. It is so boring to search it another time. To solve this problem people start to using social bookmarking. That will give us hassle free internet experience.

How social bookmarking effective for SEO?

The webpage which people bookmarked in social bookmarking sites that Google considered as a high quality backlinks.
As a blogger or website owner you may have known that the important of quality backlinks. After Google new update, it is so difficult task to get quality backlinks. A link came from SB is a relevant quality backlinks.

How to use social bookmarking for SEO.

After that, it times to use SB for search engine optimization and drive traffics from these sites. Here I will go to share with you a complete tutorial. Just follow the step by step guide:
  • Choose a social bookmarking site which has Google high page rank and a good alexa rank. For this guide, I will use  StumbleUpon.com which is a most famous and high PR SB website. 
  • Click & go to   stumbleUpon.com
  • Create an account with your email, password etc. You can also join this site with your Facebook account. 
  • Now click on add a page link from the top right corner.  
    add a page
  • After that, fill the box with the information of your website or blog. 
    Social Bookmarking for SEO
  • Finally, click on Add this page button.
  • Cheers!! You're done.
The above post was that how you use social bookmarking for SEO. Hopefully this guide will help you to using properly and you can learn how to do them for search engine optimization. If you like this above post and get any benefit from here, then please share it on your social media accounts.  
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