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Top 10 Backlink Generator tools You should Use

Top 10 Backlink Generator tools You should Use

Are you created a new blog? And wondered why your blog aren't show in the Google search result. The reason behind is your blog has no backlinks. Google considered some terms while giving rank of a blog or website. Backlinks is a one of them. However, As a newbie it may so difficult for you to build links to your blog. If you're looking for get your blog indexed and show it on google, then you're in right place. Today I will share with you some of backlink generatorsites. These backlinks builder sites is completely free. Using them is an easy task you don't need to any technical knowledge. So let's start:

1. Small SEO tools
This is an awesome free tool which is proven tools by thousand of pro-bloggers and SEO experts. When it comes to create backlinks, small seo tools offers to use their site. There has a powerful option which linked your blog link in the others websites within a short time. So >> click hereand put your domain URL finally hit the make backlinks button.
Backlink Generator tools

Once clicked, scroll down and see they created link to your site.

2. IM Talk
This is an also great website submitter tools. IM talk is a popular site among the internet marketer. It has Google PR 4 and a good Alexa rank. You can be able to make up to 1800+ links within 1 hour. Go to IMTalk and put your domain name with http://. Write your blog targeted keyword (optional) and choose how much link you want to created you can select 50 to 1805. Select whatever you want it depends on your time.
free Backlink Generator tools

After that hit submit button and see the magic on below.

3. SER Backlinks
When it for free backlink generate, SER BACKLINKS is also a best solution for you. It has a powerful option which has created quality links to your site in the various of website. It is a good authority site used by me and some expert blogger. Visit the home page and fill up the box with your website info in the right of the page.
Backlink maker tool

Finally, click on submit now button. And scroll down and watch.
Here are also some of backlinks generator sites. The using process is almost same just visit these sites and add your site URL.
S.No.    Website NamePR
1Small SEO tool4
3Free Backlinks Creator2
4Free Links4
5FUUB autobacklinks4
6Link Mitter2
9Free Web Submission2
10Online SEO analyzer3
# Over to You
Some bloggers and webmaster argue that, using free backlinks submitter is a bad SEO practice. Using them to many times is can effect your sites health, but using them efficiently is a great and white hat SEO. Use these tools one by one (not at a time) and also continue the others Off Page SEO like as
So how was these 10 backlinks generator tools?. Hopefully you will use them properly so that increase your blog presence in the major search engine.
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